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January 10th, 2009

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Well, it's January, really it is, and that means I have two new releases. Well, new for the US and the UK, and that's very exciting. I've even started getting some feedback, which is extra specially spiffy ... many thanks to the readers who've touched base.

The Accidental Sorcerer, bk 1 of the Rogue Agent series, is technically by K E Mills but actually that's me wearing a funny nose. Dunno how much of a secret that's been but I guess now ... not so much. *g* And I'm thrilled to report that it's in the top 10 of the SFF chart in UK. It's also the Waterstone's Book of the Month there ... so I also say thank you to Waterstones, for their brilliant, ongoing support.

Bk 2, Witches Inc, is due out here in Oz in April, and mid-year in the UK and US. Bk 3, Wizard Squared, will be released after that. Stay tuned for details.

And then there's Hammer of God, which concludes the Godspeaker trilogy. That's out in the US and UK this month too. Godspeaker was a real challenge for me, and I know it's been a challenge for some readers, too, especially Empress (of Mijak), the first book. But despite the tough nature of the series many folk have let me know they're enjoying it. So thank you, and I hope the conclusion doesn't let you down.

Now it's back to work on Prodigal Mage ...


Prodigal Mage rewrite

New words, new words, how they slow down my brain!

I think I've said that before, yes? Well, it's still true.

Here we go:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
72,027 / 140,000

It doesn't help all that much that I think they're quite good words, on the whole. I want to be going faster. Soon I will be going faster. Stay tuned for more moaning ...

And in the meantime have a giggle!

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