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 So I might have mentioned in passing how, on my recent US/UK trip, I left home with one large and almost empty suitcase, and came home with 3 tightly packed suitcases, mostly full of books, and also shipped home 3 separate boxes of books. Nearly all of the titles are for research. I have so much catch up research to do, books and dvd and video, that I could easily spend 6 months doing nothing but study. And I will be looking into doing that, eventually.

In the meantime, here's a random sampling of the books I bought while I was away:

Under the Black Flag, the romance and the reality of life among the pirates
The Duties of Servants
The Battle of Salamis
The Sisters of Henry VIII
The Ways of the Samurai
Catherine de Medici, Renaissance queen of France
The History of Piracy
The Knights Templar
The Freemasons
The Prince
Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Magic
Knight - Noble Warrior of England 1200-1600

And trust me when I say that's only the beginning.

I also picked up some great dvds, like a history of the Tower of London, and indepth lives of kings.

Oh dear. I have so much reading to do!!!!!! And every time I read something, I get a new story idea. Help! *g*

In the meantime, in case you were wondering, I just finished rewatching a bunch of relevant Stargate season 4 eps, I've taken copious notes, I'm about to hammer the outline into shape ... and then yee haw! It's on for young and old.

Finally, more people have friended me on Facebook. Hello Lyn G! Hello Andrew Mc! Hello people! Swamped as ever, but when I get a moment I'll be tidying up my reciprocal friending stuff and doing more.

Stay tuned ...
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