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Prodigal Mage US/UK

And while I'm staggering about doing bits and pieces before trying to get some more work done, here's the US/UK cover for The Prodigal Mage, book 1 of Fisherman's Children, which is the follow-up duology to the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology. The illustration's by David Wyatt and the design is by Peter Cotton. Go, guys!

Gosh. I've been so flat-out actually writing that I kind of forget I've got books coming out! it's a very odd feeling, let me tell you. In some ways it's good because a new book coming out is always the cue to start panicking and thrashing about convincing yourself you've written garbage and everyone's going to hate it. But then I get so hysterical about the writing that I forget to celebrate the new one in my blog and on my website. I am so sad.

Anyhow. Here's the cover. Personally I think it's gorgeous, and the follow up/sequel cover is looking equally faboo. Can't post that yet, though. A quick note -- Prodigal Mage releases next month, August, in the US and UK, as a hardcover. That's the Orbit edition. It's coming out locally Australia/NZ with Voygager as a regular paperback in October. Can't post that cover quite yet, but I will asap. It's by the wonderful Greg Bridges and is truly beautiful.

So here we go ...

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