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April 12th, 2007

I'm telling you, it wasn't my idea ...

I adore the guys at Orbit. I truly, really do. They are treating me so well, and they are such nice people, it's hard to find anything mingy to say.

Except ...

George the Amazing, the marketing guru, is a big meanie.

When I rolled up to meet him and Darren in London last November, looking worse than the wrath of God, worse than roadkill that the cat had dragged in, worse than a harpy in your worst screaming nightmare, after days and days in planes and rushing around around America and hiking a million miles up and down Manhattan and then around London, he smiled and said, "Gosh, how lovely to meet you, Karen. I don't suppose you'd be so kind as to just pop yourself down in that chair over there, in front of that ever so inconspicuous camera, and extemporaneously pontificate with wit and clarity on your little book so that hopefully thousands of people on the internet can see you and be impressed and inspired? Hmmm?"

What could I say? Well ... yes, of course. *g*

I did it. George YouTubed it, and the link is below.


I'm telling you, if your computer screen cracks and you're haunted by eldritch visions for a month, it's not my fault. Blame George.

All things being equal I'll be back in London next year. And we might try this little experiment again. And the next time, hopefully, I won't be looking quite so haggish!!!!

This news just in ...

The Innocent Mage has debuted at #2 on the UK SFF bestseller charts. It was just 7 copies shy of debuting at #1. To say I'm slumguzzled is to completely understate the case.

Gosh. And wow. And ... gosh.

Huge thanks to Orbit, who have a brilliant team of professionals and who put such incredible effort into supporting their authors. Wish I was in London so I could give everyone the hugest hug!

And if you're coming to this LJ via purchasing the book in the UK? I'd like to hug you too!

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