May 16th, 2007


Inch worm, inch worm ...

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I achieved nothing yesterday, writing-wise, at least on this project, because Monday's rehearsal went till after 11 pm and I woke up wrecked at 6. So bleah. But I did a full chapter today, so I'm more cheerful.

I also realised yesterday that an out of alignment workstation is responsible for the unbelievable neck pain and stiffness I've been experiencing. So that's sorted. Hopefully I'll start feeling the benefits soon.

Tuesday wasn't a complete loss, however. I had lunch with an old chum I haven't seen for a while, which was lovely, and I found a bunch of stuff I needed for the play, and I finished watching the Bravo Two Zero doco which is research for the Stargate book (which I will start actually writing next week, I swear to God) and sorted out more play stuff, and watched part of the David Starkey dvd doco on Henry VIIIs six wives (he was such a sod, he really was). So it was a pretty full day and I was unconscious by 9 pm, which explains why I woke up at 5 am this morning ... which is okay, since I have done a full chapter.

I've got a partly completed new ramble about writing to finish and of course some emails to take care of ... but right now my brain, it is exploding, so I'm going to leap on the elliptical machine and cruise through another episode of The West Wing.

Apropos of nothing, and in solidarity with Lee Battersby, I'm celebrating the fact I've lost nearly 20 kilos ... another 10 to go and I'll no longer be hideously embarrassed about being seen in public.

Hope everyone's rocking along in LJ land.

I should point out that in two weeks' time Empress of Mijak will be in bookstores around Australia. It's about time to get Officially Nervous.