September 16th, 2007

cute puppy

Galleys done!

Phew. I am cactus. Just finished proofing/tweaking/correcting/scribbling all over the galleys (first pages) for The Riven Kingdom.

Only 3 inserts, and each one just an iddy biddy paragraph that was too difficult to write on the actual sheets. Compared to previous efforts, this is a miracle. (Thus continuing the theme of the book. *g*)

Started Friday morning. Finished Sunday afternoon. Every word read, reconsidered, occasionally replaced. Not many actual typo problems, just lots of polishing of me.

It's very interesting, that once the story gets transferred into typesetting the shift in appearance causes a shift in the brain. Suddenly all these bobbles you got word-blind to before leap up and smack you in the face. Or at least, this is what happens to me.

Of course, by this stage, there's also the misery of being so Officially Over This Now that you can't tell any more if the story sucks or if it's got any kind of merit at all.


Tomorrow it goes back to my wonderful editor, I take a day to rest my brain and do housework, and then I swear to the good Lord it's full speed ahead on the bloody Stargate novel!!!!!! Which is getting very short shrift due to my wobbly scheduling and currently indifferent health.

Another sigh.

Also tomorrow, I'll play catch up with email and previous LJ posts. And possibly be snarky about Australian Idol.