April 28th, 2008


A new week, a new agenda

Well, no, actually it's more like refocussing on the old agenda. A log-jam got cleared up late last week, which means I can now proceed with the insanity of the next 3 months. And they really really really will be insane. But that's okay. Insane is starting to feel a little like Situation Normal, in my world. *g*

Not so much with the writing over the weekend. Got some done, but there was also lots of theatrey stuff. We have a set! Insofar as me attempting to create an 'in the round' feel on a proscenium stage can achieve that effect. But it's minimalist. Because the play is a series of 3 one-acts played with 2 people, who pretty much come on stage and don't leave until the end, the set is in fact the least important part of the production. It's all about the actors. The characters. So that's where all the focus has been placed. Of course, I could be screwing this up big time, but I live in hope ... *g*

It's twelve weeks, more or less, till Worldcon in Denver. I'm so looking forward to it. But in addition the mad writing schedule between now and then, I'm taking my physical well-being in hand and really putting some effort into getting fighting fit. Stay tuned for my moans and groans ...

Speaking of fighting fit, a passing comment on the Final 3 for Biggest Loser. How lovely to have three really great people in the final. There were some nasty types in this year's competition, so having those 3 lovely Blue members make it through is just so wonderful. I was very sorry to see Bryce go -- he really impressed me as a lovely person -- but he was very smart. And he looks so hot! *g*

And Jack won So You Think You Can Dance. Honestly, I wanted Rhys to win, but Jack's a great dancer. I hope all four finalists go on to have brilliant careers.

Last but not least ... a pointer to a new writing blog that's popped up. This one is hosted by a good friend of mine. We met through Stargate fandom, and quite simply, she's one of the finest human beings it's my privilege to know. In fact, the friends I made through online Stargate fandom are all spectacular people -- but that's another post entirely. *g*

So this blog is wonderful because it contains much insightful, articulate and intelligent discourse on the journey to becoming a published writer. I don't post there much because right now I have to pay more attention to the actual doing of the writing, but I always read it and I always come away informed and thoughtful.


It'd be great to see some vigorous conversing start up there, so I'm doing my bit to get that going! And when I'm a little less buried beneath deadlines, I'm going to start talking some, too.

Now it's time to catch up on backlogged email, do the dishes, then knuckle down to getting another chapter of Witches Inc. taken care of, before I head off to rehearsal tonight.

Final final note -- as you'll see in the music tag, I'm listening to Enzso. Wow. This is such spectacular music. Split Ends with the NZ Symphony Orchestra, having rescored/arranged some of the Enz's biggest hits. If you've never come across this album, I highly highly highly recommend.