October 27th, 2008


Sacre bleue!

 Je suis en Paris --but only just!

Got into Singapore last night to find our connecting flight to Paris had been cancelled. Much brouhaha ensued. Eventually we were bussed to a hotel for the night. Got in after midnight, wakeup call at 4.30am. So not much sleep. Organisation at Changti airport hopeless -- an hour and a half to check in. Sigh. But the flight was trouble free, food adequates, entertainment ditto, and Ily ggot some sleep. A taxi picked me up at Charles de Gaulle and now I'm in my hotel room and I'll be going to dinner soon because    I'm starving. Drove past Notre Dame -- can't wait to explore it. And Paris. Sightseeing tomorrow, down to Nantes on Wednesday. I hope you can read this. I'm using the hotel room tv as a computer and it's got this insane mouseless keyboar. I'm going to kill it.
More soon!