December 11th, 2008


Prodigal Mage update

Here we go ... I'm ceasing wordage to get some thoughts down on the whiteboard re: framing the next section. There is plot! And action! And ideas! How exciting!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
58,698 / 125,000

Also? Here's tonight's dinner recipe, very simple and super yummy.

Melt some butter in a deep nonstick frypan and add some prepared seasoning -- my choice tonight was Moroccan. Add half a cubed small sweet potato. Cover, and let it get a headstart on the cooking over a medium/low heat. (Don't walk away to start writing again, because you will burn it and have to start over.) Instead, while it's cooking, cube a free range chicken thigh, and some mushrooms, and half a head of broccoli. Once the sweet potato's had about a 10 min head start, add the rest of the ingredients, give it a good stir to coat in the seasoning, add a blob more butter if you need to, cover again, and let it do its thing. Check on it a couple of times to stir and let some of the steam out, and keep doing that until everything's cooked to your satisfaction. And then chow down. Quick and healthy and very yummy, I must say.

On my way to bed ...

And thought I'd mention that Romantic Times magazine, a US publication which reviews a wide range of women-friendly fiction including SF and Fantasy, has recently reviewed both The Accidental Sorcerer and Hammer of God. Accidental Sorcerer scored 4 stars, and Hammer of God 4.5. (4.5 is their top ranking.) Which is really lovely!

So thanks to the folk at Romantic Times, who do readers an amazing service with their fantastically comprehensive book coverage. Seriously -- 300 books an issue reviewed. Fantastic.