March 9th, 2009



 So, you know, in the spirit of not being an utter wanker who whinges about things they haven't seen, I went and saw Watchmen. No spoilers, as such, just a couple of observations.

The violence? Pornographic, and not in a good way. There is so, so, so much I could say about  it, and the treatment of women/female in this film, but I don't know if I have the energy right now. Also? I dunno if it'd do much good. But there's stuff. Oh, there is stuff. Like -- even the pet that had to be sacrificed for the greater good was female? Oh, come on!

What I find myself maybe the most disturbed by -- and I find a lot to be disturbed about in this film -- is the appropriation of JFK's murder. I don't know why it smacked me so hard, this time, but the graphic recreation -- or use of existing footage -- I don't know which it is -- in a piece of popular entertainment like that? The man's family is still alive. People who knew him and loved him and were destroyed personally by his death are still alive, and can see this film. And to think that they might see this film, and see that, see that terrible thing, being exploited for a commercial enterprise? I'm having trouble with that one. I don't care that it was a pivotal moment in US history. We know that. And if every last member of his family was dead, I'd say fine. But they're not, and it's not, and I think I despise the people who chose to use that piece of film.

Also? Just how stupid do these film-makers think I am? One minute the Token Female Hot Chick is in kick-ass high heels, and then when she's actually doing anything physical she's been switched into flat shoes and then once the action's over she's back in those stupid heels again? And what? You didn't think I'd see it? And don't get me started on the sexualization of the women in their costumes, compared with what the men were wearing.

Three trailers for films I wanted to see. Trek, Wolverine and the new Terminator. I expect to enjoy all of them a great deal more than I enjoyed Watchmen.
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