June 15th, 2009


Two steps forward ...

and one enormous leap back. The augmentin is working. But for some reason something in my bedroom is triggering massive, massive coughing attacks while I'm sick. Not when I'm well. Just now, while I'm sick with this whatever it is. Because Saturday night and last night? 2 of the worst nights of my life. 2 x 12 hours of almost non stop coughing, to the point where breathing hurts today. And for some reason I only twigged this morning that it has something to do with the bedroom, which is normally a fine place for me to sleep. So today there will be no work. There will be sleeping on the couch while I try to recoup my energy reserves and settle the whole broncho-spasm thing. Because I won't survive a third night of that!!!!

Sorry to whinge. I'm having a little pity party, doncha know? *g* I staggered round the corner to the supermarket first thing this morning for soup, and more painkillers, and some heavy duty Butter Menthols (I know that sounds like an oxymoron but they really are strong, and they're helping) and now, having ordered another gas bottle, I'm going to curl up again and try for more sleep.

Regular insane work schedule will recommence tomorrow. I hope everyone else is staying well and happy!