July 22nd, 2009



Banging about all over the place here. Slow start to the morning, hopefully I'll put in another good whack of words after dinner. Probably, the way the story's unfolding, it'll take me till sometime over the weekend to get this bloody first draft finished. I have to keep reminding myself that it doesn't matter it's not perfect now, that it's got plotholes and wobbly bits. The real work starts on the rewrite. But I still have to fight this urge to make it all pretty and wonderful right now. Arrgghhh! But no, no, no -- so long as all the plot signposts are there, the rest can get sorted on the major rewrite.

I just have to keep telling myself that!

So here we go -- snailing it towards the end.

83400 / 100000 words. 83% done!


Do not walk to somewhere that will sell you the first season of Leverage on dvd. If you're in Oz you'll most likely have to overseas online it. Or check with Ezydvd. But really, if you're a writer and you want to hear really fabulously brilliant discussions on writing and storytelling and exposition and stuff -- and as a bonus learn a bit about the filming process and acting -- this is the dvd set for you and you should just grab it soonest from wherever you can find it.

Also? Leverage is a really wonderful caper show, so that even if a script doesn't entirely work (or work for you, any way) there will still be something to make watching it worthwhile when you have a look without the commentaries.

This, people in tvland, this is how you do dvd commentaries. No self-indulgent twaddle, no luvvy duvvy waffle, no tedious explaining what we're looking at, no extraneous family members self-aggrandising and hogging the airtime with totally irrelevant bullshit. Do it like this, people. Informed, intelligent, entertaining and educational.

Bloody fantastic. And it's such a fun series, so it's win win all around!