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July 23rd, 2009

It's a book!

No, no, not Wizard Squared. That little sucker continues to kick my arse.

But as I was working on it just now there was a brisk knock at my door -- the UPS guy, with author copies of The Prodigal Mage. Yes -- it's here. I have just been holding it in my hot little hands.

This is a gorgeous looking book. Whether the story is also gorgeous only you guys can decide -- but at least I can say this: the Orbit hardcover is really, really lovely. Of course, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around being released in the US/UK in hardcover ... I have to work hard not to think about it, really, or I'd have a meltdown. It's a huge honour, and a risk for a publisher, and I'm very lucky.

So the book should be popping up on bookshop shelves soon. I believe the official release date is August 10, but I know some places put stock out early.

Good thing I'm dying with another deadline here, or the nerves about this would kill me dead for sure.

On getting towards the end of the story

Which is when -- and I should be used to this- the end keeps getting further and further away, dagnabbit.

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