September 25th, 2009

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On rewriting ...

There are times when this gig scares the crapola out of me. When you know something's not working and why but you can't put your finger on how to fix it? And there's a deadline looming? Yikes!!!!!

But when the light bulb comes on and the penny drops, alongside the other shoe, that is hands down one of the best feelings in the world.

Yes. I've had one of those moments as I do my post copy edit revisions on Wizard Squared. It's been a huge amount of work and I'm not quite done with it, but once this massive rejig is done, the rest of the rewrite will flow quite nicely, I hope.

I am so, so grateful to the beta readers and editors who wouldn't stop telling me something wasn't jibing, so that I didn't get away with trying to pretend it was okay when deep down I knew it wasn't. Without these people in my life I would be so screwed!

Guys, you know who you are and you bloody well rock.