February 28th, 2010


Reluctant Mage -- is really done!

And so, at the end of another seriously insane long haul writing session, I can happily report that the Reluctant Mage is finito. Off to be typeset. Doubtless some eensy weensy tweaky bits as a final tidy up, but yes, turn off the lights, I have left the building.

For 2 days.

Then I rip into Blight of Mages. And though it's a mite wearing to go back to back like this, because these stories are in the same world it means my head is in the right space and I've had some interesting ideas arise.

But yeah. Right now I'm knackered.

Final word count?

175000 / 175000 words. 100% done!

Longer than Prodigal Mage, yes. On the whole I try to keep my story lengths the same but sometimes -- not so much.