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Still working on Blight of Mages. This has turned into a serious adventure, well and truly complicated by a major health issue that kind of halted me in my tracks. I seem to have sorted the problem, and work continues, but I'll be exceedingly scarce till after Worldcon next month as I bust a gut to hit deadline.

In the meantime, sad news yesterday with the passing of a truly great and gracious woman. Anyone, particularly in the US, who was around for media fandom pre the internet, and/or who regularly went to MediaWest con in Michigan, knew or at least knew of Susan M Garrett. She's probably best known for her Forever Knight work, but she was active in a lot of media fandoms, writing and publishing zines,  -- plus a professional FK novel -- and nurturing other writers. We crossed paths because of Forever Knight, and she ended up publishing the print version of my FK novel 'Lizard in the Grass' -- first novel I ever wrote! We kind of lost touch, as is wont to happen, but there are some people you never forget, who when you think of them make you smile and laugh. Susan was one of those people.

Apparently not too many people knew she was ill, and she died yesterday, just a couple of days past her birthday.

The world's a poorer place today because she's left us. There is so much nastiness in fandom now, largely because of the internet, where people can be and often are unspeakably, immeasurably hateful while hiding behind a cybername, facing no consequences for their cruelties. Susan stood for a time when fandom was more personal, more generous, and infinitely more pleasant ... for me, at least. She personified everything that was great about being a fan -- passion and enthusiasm and generosity and wit and the willingness to work and work hard, for the sheer love of writing. It was about doing it well, not getting instant kudos via the press of a computer button.

Thanks for the memories, Susan. You were a shining light here, and wherever you are now, you'll be shining brighter than ever.
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