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UK Signings

So as I stagger my way towards the finish line of Blight of Mages, time to give you a heads-up about my UK signings next month. After spending a couple of weeks looking at castles,  I'll be doing two signings in and around London on Saturda October 30th.

First of all there's a lunchtime signing at Waterstones in Woking.

Contact details for Waterstones are:

Waterstone's Woking (Peacock's Centre)

Address: Unit 44 The Peacocks Centre
GB - Woking GU21 1GD
Tel: 0843 290 8697
E-mail: manager@peacockscentre.waterstones.com
Site: http://www.waterstones.com

Opening times:
Sun 10.30-17.00 Mon 9.30-18.00 Tue 9.30-18.00 Wed 9.30-18.00 Thu 9.30-20.00 Fri 9.30-18.00 Sat 9.00-18.00

Saturday evening sees me at Forbidden Planet in London. You can go here for more info on that appearance.

My thanks to the wonderful folk at Waterstones Woking and Forbidden Planet, for hosting me, and to the great PR team at Orbit for helping with the organisation and details.
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