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Do you have a spec fic novel ready to rock and roll?

The thing about publishing is that there are always way, way more manuscripts on offer than any one publishing house can take on, even if many of them are utterly brilliant. So while I will say, with my hand on my heart, that I adore my publishers to bits, the practical reality is that if you're an unpublished author looking to break in, you need to cast your seeds wide.

Which brings us to this good news, that Angry Robot is about to hold an open door manuscript submission event, for new and/or unagented writers. No, Angry Robot is not my publisher. But I think this is a great idea so I'm letting you know.

For all the particulars, please go here. And pay very close attention to what they're saying. Bottom line? If you can't follow the stated submission guidelines when they're as helpful and unambiguous as this, it doesn't matter how great your writing is. You show yourself to be the kind of writer who's more trouble than the book is worth.
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