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So,  a reasonably quiet weekend, with some research and some getting ready to put together a short story for Star Wars Insider magazine. I guess I can gloat a bit and share that I got to read the new Aaron Allston extravaganza as preliminary research ... bwahahahaha! *g* Allston fans are going to have such a blast with this one, I'm sure.

I'm also reading a book about Eleanor de Montfort, sister of Henry III, who married a firebrand and challenged her brother's crown. Great stuff! 

Here's a cool quick trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman, which I think looks amazing. But so often films are crap when you see them, no matter how great the trailers are, so my fingers are crossed. Hope to see Hunger Games soon, speaking of films.

Finally, here's an amazing clip from Britain's Got Talent. And indeed, Simon Cowell has it right - as he usually does. If this kid is not another Pavarotti in the wings, then I'm a heffalump.

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