karenmiller (karenmiller) wrote,

Star Wars fun - and other stuff

Yeah, so, not doing more Star Wars novels for now ... but as I mentioned previously, I was most flatteringly asked to contribute a short story to an upcoming issue of Star Wars Insider. Now, anyone who knows me knows that short fiction is a thing - but with Star Wars as the inspiration, it's cool bananas! And today, despite having to stop to take dad's sick dog to the vet (an hour and a half round trip, sigh), I managed to get almost halfway done to a completed first draft. Wheee!

It's fun.

And next week, it's back to Tarnished Crown. 

Favourite research quote so far:

'The king requisitioned ships occasionally, as we know from efforts by the owners to have them returned.'

And finally?

Go look at this. So, so, so, stunning. I am in awe.

Tags: star wars, stuff, tarnished crown
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